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Foreign Affairs

The discipline that studies interactions between states in order to understanding the international system as a whole . How two or more nations interact with each other in the context of political, military , economic or cultural relationships. Since 1970 , the study of international relations has been set about the relationships between structures and institutions in international systems. As a consequence, international relations theories are often used by diplomats and international relations experts to dictate the direction that a government may take in regards to an international political issue.

Sports & Diplomacy

Sports - Foreign Policy

Our deep background in international relations and sports law , give us a good domaine to deal with athletes and sport federations. Therefore, in our law boutique MANIFESTO , we are capable to treat with the individual human being, as well as , the sport institutions within a foreign affairs atmosphere.Our skills in diplomacy let us reach the right strategic management in a wide range of sport field's .

Athletes Passport

Having worked several years as a legal advisors from Consulates and Embassies, in our law boutique MANIFESTO , we are not only focus on consular law but also in sports law, where we are proud to be involved in sponsorship agreements within Motogp & Formula 1 scenario, sports dispute resolution and immigration law , in order the athletes could be ready to be transferred to another football club, play a tennis tournament or race a Formula 1 - MotoGP Championship circuit with their according residence permit and passport.

Sports Dispute Resolution

- Motorsport management ( A. G. ) - Sports Law - Athletes passport - Sports dispute resolution

Sports Liability

Motor Racing

One of the most glamorous event within the sports industry . Where the teams and racing drivers are the main actors fighting to assure the “ seat “ . Engineers , scuderias, paparazzi , racing drivers , sponsors and luxury brands are the key elements of this fashionable Motor Racing atmosphere where the vibes are rebel and fast.


Rebels , dreamers …. Racing drivers.

Art Business Management .

Besides of international affairs ( consular law and foreign policy) , we acknowledge how sports law is getting closer to entertainment industry. That’s why in our law boutique, we are really passionated by art galleries , fashion designers , filmmakers and photographers.

Fashion industry

We can not talk about cinema without mentioning the concept “ être à la mode” . Designers such as YSL , Emanuel Ungaro , Givenchy have provided their masterpieces in several movies like “ Belle de Jour “ ( Luis Buñuel ) , the french actress ,Catherine Deneuve ,dressed by her staunch friend Yves Saint Laurent and Roger Vivier . “ Manon 70” , Catherine Deneuve wears the delicate style created by Emanuel Ungaro . “ Une femme à sa fenêtre “ where Romy Schneider plays a brilliant role as a “ Margot Santorini “ with her unmistakable Louis Vuitton luggage .And , to finalize the opera prima “ Le Mépris “ ( Jean - Luc Godard ) with the stunning performance of Brigitte Bardot and Michel Piccoli .



- Law Degree at University International Cataluña ( UIC ) . - Master in International Affairs at Fordham University New York. - Preparation to Diplomatic at Foreign Affairs Ministry , Spain - Madrid. - Master in Immigration Law at ISDE Law Business School . - Global Master in International Sports Law at ISDE Law Business School . - Board Member Advisor at Middle East Sports Platform.

Magdalena Ferrer

MANIFESTO - Magda Ferrer


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